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M.O.M. Tools' Innovative Punch Set to Revolutionize Metal Industry

Cleveland - A revolutionary dual-tip punch, produced by a Cleveland - area tool and die company, has helped Ohio's premier roll-forming supplier in the world discover first- hand that "two are better than one" is not merely a tired figure of speech but a realistic way to save money and time.

M.O.M. Tools, LLC, manufactures the innovative Dual-Tip punch, which is changing how shop floors operate punch presses by reducing down time and costs. The Ohio Moulding Corporation's (OMCO) Morgantown, Pennsylvania, plant is the latest company to use M.O.M. Tool's Dual-Tip punch.

"This tool has really been a bonus for us," said Bill Ruff, director of operations at WG Corporation, OMCO's Morgantown facility. "We have been able to add additional shifts and can produce more parts than ever before."

Normally, a single-tip punch will produce about 50,000 parts, said John Collier, Jr., and President of M.O.M. "At the Morgantown plant, they have produced 500,000 parts so far because of our dual-tip punch."

Collier went on to explain that usually a single tip punch has to be sharpened after about 50,000 parts, which means the punch press is out of service and workers are idle. After the fourth sharpening, the single-tip punch must be replaced causing companies increased production time costs.

"Our Dual-Tip Punch tool extends the punch toll's life from six to 30 times that of the conventional punch and maintains a higher tolerance with cleaner, consistent punches," Collier said. Ruff added: "This tool has certainly made a significant difference in our bottom line."

The Dual-Tip Punch is an engineered instrument with a secondary groove behind the tip. Even if the first strike fails to meet specifications, the second cut cleans out the hole and production continues. M.O.M. Tools, LLC, manufactures tool and die products using innovative engineering research and development techniques and testing standards.