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Cost Comparison

Dual-Tip Punch vs. Conventional Punch
$170.00 per tool $50.00 per tool

Assume 40 parts per minute during production cycle
Assume conventional tools are changed at least 3 times per shift resulting in 13,800 parts per shift.
Assume 16,200 parts per shift with the Dual Tip punch.
Assume Dual Tip punch lasts 4.5 shifts before a tool change

At 4.5 Shifts Dual-Tip Punch Conventional Punch
Tool Cost: $170.00 $675.00
Production: 72,000 units 62,100 units
Tool Cost Per Part: $0.0023 $0.0108

This illustration indicates that for the manufacturing component, the tool cost of the conventional punch is 4.7 time greater than that of the tool cost for the Dual Tip punch.
Tool Cost Per Part Comparison
(At 4.5 Shifts)

The Dual Tip Punch costs 4.7 times less than the conventional punch