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Subject: Tool Evaluation

Dear Mr. Collier:

Per your request, this letter is issued to provide feedback on the Lockheed Martin MS2 Akron evaluation of the M.O.M. Tools Dual Tip Punch. This punch was used to produce the holes in the VLA nut ring. The punch was in the possession of Lockheed Martin MS2 Akron for evaluation purposes only.

The Lockheed Martin MS2 Akron manufacturing representatives have indicated to the undersigned that the M.O.M. Tool punch performed satisfactorily. However, since the work level is currently low, and budget constraints are currently high, we will not be procuring this tool at this time. Lockheed Martin MS2 Akron will keep M.O.M. Tools in mind for possible future opportunities, depending on business conditions and an increase in manufacturing requirements.

M.O.M. Tools will receive an automated request to complete a Trading Partner Management (TPM) profile in the near future. Completion of this profile will allow M.O.M. Tools to become part of the overall Lockheed Martin corporate supplier database, and thus provide greater exposure to the remaining Lockheed Martin locations.

Please call if there are any questions.

Peggy Harper
Sourcing Manager
Lockheed Martin MS2 Akron
PH: 330-796-1283